How We Give Back

Improving Lives

A portion of every class you book with bikeNYoga goes directly to Novos Lideres Empreededores,  a non-for-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to help fund their teachers.  

Our mission is to help improve children's lives in the favelas (slums) through supporting entrepreneurial education. 

Together, we can make a difference in the world. 

Why Rio?

Besides the beautiful beaches, amazing music, food and culture, Rio de Janeiro also strikes with one of largest favelas (slums) in the world. 

Hundreds of thousands of children there live without access to basic food, water, electricity, not to mention - education.

In 2016, a beautiful partnership was born - one that aims to make a difference.  Through the means of entrepreneurial education, real-life business skills, art, sports and culture NLE inspires the kids to make a difference in their lives.  

When purchasing a class with us you are actually impacting the life of a child in the slums by allowing them to learn and expand their opportunities

Thoughtful Partnerships NLE

 "When you are born here, in a favela, soon you learn that you don't get chances... You learn that nobody cares for you ... Here we just survive... You learn to eat what you have... to save water... to protect yourself from gunshots, bad influences and drug dealers, to dream without hope and to not wait for opportunities." 

"What we do is more than just teach. We open minds. "

That is part of Lohran's story.  In 2015 he met Yannik  Struijk a Dutch student  living in Rio and together, they created NLE to help change the reality of the community. 

Today  New Leaders Entrepreneurs has impacted over 200+ students and continues growing and we at bikeNYoga are blessed to be part of that journey.