bikeNYoga + philosophy

At the core of Buddhism is the notion that we are surrounded by the Yin and the Yang - feminine vs masculine, dark vs light, black vs white, passive vs active. The concept is that these seemingly opposite forces are connected in the natural world and they interrelate to one another resulting into a more coherent and balanced existence.

bikeNYoga provides a unique & balanced outdoor work-out experience combining cardio bike riding with yoga strength training while soaking in nature in Manhattan's very own Central Park.

Yin + Yang = Bike + Yoga

The same way the Yang (fire,  masculine, light, activity) relates to the Yin (water,  feminine, shade, rest) we combined BIKING (active cardio exercise) with YOGA (relaxed strength training) to provide you with a unique and balanced workout experience. 

Nature = Central Park

We also believe that in our world of concrete, noise, technology and gray monotonic gyms our bodies deserve their share of sunlight, fresh air, peace and nature. And where else than within the most beautiful piece of nature in Manhattan: Central Park.