Sick of the spinning class?! Get Out! Get Active! Enjoy your cardio while overcoming an actual uphill and savor the invigorating feeling of the fresh air on your face and the wind blowing through your hair.


Sick of the gym?! Get Out! Get Active! Discipline your mind and stretch your body under the sounds of nature. Park your bicycle and experience an intense 40 minute yoga practice at every-time different and carefully selected terrain in Central Park.


Finish with a cup of refreshing green tea carefully handpicked from Hangzhou, China and served to you at the end of the practice.

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BikenYoga Philosphy

In the core of Buddhism is the notion that we are surrounded by Yin and Yang - feminine/masculine, dark/light, black/white, passive/active. The concept of yin-yang is used to describe how seemingly opposite forces are interconnected in the natural world as they interrelate to one another thus resulting into a more coherent and balanced existence.

The idea behind BikeNYoga is to provide a complete and harmonious approach to training and well-being as well as to introduce a new lifestyle to people living in the big city.

The same way Yang (masculine, light, activity) relates to the Yin (feminine, shade, rest) we combined BIKING (active cardio exercise ) with YOGA (relaxed strength training) to provide you with a balanced workout experience.

We also believe that in our world of dust, noise, computers, cell phones and gray monotonic fitness centers our bodies deserve their fair share of natural sunlight, fresh air and green peace.

BikeNYoga provides the ultimate outdoor workout experience that energizes the body, enriches the mind and purifies the self while being united with nature.